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You want to see the “right” healthcare provider – one that you want to see, conveniently located near where you live and work and in your carrier’s network to keep your out-of-pocket-expenses low. The CBX has contracted with some of the top regional and national carriers to give you the best provider choices and maximum plan value.

Carrier Contact Information

Below are the Customer Service telephone numbers for carriers in the CBX program.


Dental | 800 942-0854
Life | 800 638-6420
Auto and Home | 800 438-6388
MetLaw | 800 821-6400

Find a MetLife Dentist 

(When searching for a provider, use the PDP Plus Network)

Vision Service Plan (VSP)

Customer Service | 800 877-7195

Find a VSP Vision Provider

(When searching for a provider, use the Choice Network)

Blue View Vision

Customer Service | 866 723-0515

Find a Blue View Vision Provider

(When searching for a provider, use the Blue View Vision Network)

Landmark Healthplan

Customer Service | 800 298-4875

Find a Landmark Chiropractic or Acupuncture Provider

(When searching for a provider, use the Landmark Healthplan Network)

Colonial Life

Customer Service | 800 325-4368


Customer Service | 888 664-6886


Customer Service | 877 738-7874


Customer Service | 855 401-2365

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